Gaël Earrings


Large, radiant and sparkling vintage crystal earrings. Lovely condition. Clip-on style. Guaranteed authentic.

Disclaimer: We would like to respectfully remind our customers that our items are vintage and will not be in the same condition as a brand new item. There may be some slight flaws, however, any major flaws will be listed here.


1 pieza en stock.


Correctly laundering your vintage pieces helps to ensure their longevity. Only wash as needed, and remember that certain materials are more delicate than others. Do not wash your vintage pieces in hot water or dry them in the dryer, as heat can break down the fibers.

Spot treat blazers and coats with a laundering bar and cool water. Avoid putting them into a washing machine.

For materials that can be submerged, wash with cold water by hand or on your washing machine's delicate cycle.

Certain special detergents can further help to protect your delicate vintage pieces. Air dry your items outdoors on a clothesline or indoors on a clothing rack.

For items such as luxury designer pieces that specify dry-cleaning on the label, be sure to follow those instructions.

Ironing is not recommended. To de-wrinkle vintage pieces, a handheld steamer is ideal.

Rêveur is not responsible for damaged or incorrectly laundered pieces once they have left our care for yours.


Remove your vintage jewelry before showering, swimming or sweating. Polish gently and regularly with a soft cloth and store in a dry place, like our complementary jewelry pouch. 

All of Rêveur’s items are shipped in recyclable or reusable materials:

We ship with standard USPS packaging, which is recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Your clothing items are protected inside from the elements by recyclable, 100% recycled polyethylene bags that are durable, moisture and tear & tamper resistant.

Our designer authenticity cards are branded and made to be kept. They are made from sustainably sourced Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper.

Our jewelry pouches are attractive, reusable, and meant to store and protect your jewelry.

We occasionally wrap certain items in tissue paper, which is recyclable and crafted from acid-free, high quality paper materials.

Your poly bags can be recycled at your local grocery drop offs or wherever #4 flexible plastic is accepted. Your USPS boxes and tissue paper can be recycled wherever mixed paper waste is accepted.

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